What Do Different Numbers Of Roses Mean? Find Out Now!

What Do Different Numbers Of Roses Mean? Find Out Now!

Flowers are one of the divinest creations of the Mother Nature that not only mesmerise us with their charming beauty but also help us to convey our emotions. No matter how intense your feelings are, they never fail to bring about an unstoppable smile on the recipient’s face. When it comes to gifting roses, you need to understand what different number of roses means. Rose bouquets are excellent option to gift on Valentine’s Day. As different colours of roses symbolises different meanings, a bouquet of a dozen roses conveys a different feeling when a bouquet of 25 roses says something else. In this blog, let’s see what different number of roses exactly means.

One Rose:

One rose represents faithfulness. If you are extremely loyal and devotional to your partner, a single rose expresses it perfectly.

Two Roses:

Two roses represent that two people have mutual feeling of strong love and affection for one another.

Three Roses:

 If you feel shy to say ‘I Love You’, there is no need to convey your intense feeling by words. Three roses can help and convey the powerful message of ‘I Love You’.

Six Roses:

When you have a long-time crush on something and want to convey how passionate you are to be theirs, six gorgeous roses can please your special someone.

Nine Roses:

To make the commitment of a lifetime, gift a bouquet of nine roses to someone you want to be with forever.

Ten Roses:

Want to make someone you love happy? Why not appreciate them by gifting a pack of perfect ten-on-ten roses this Valentine’s Day?

Thirteen Roses:

A bouquet of thirteen roses represents lifelong friendship and also helps you make an unforgettable impression.

Twenty Roses:

Two convey how sincere you are, do it with a bunch of twenty roses that keep the love between you two complete.

Fifty Plus Roses:

To show that you have limitless love for your loved one, a grand rose bouquet of fifty plus roses makes a perfect fit.

Now, you might have understood the meaning of number of roses. So, get ready to convey everything that lies in your heart with love-filled rose bouquets from Naz Flowers and Gifts. To get your rose bouquet personalised, feel free to give us a call on 03 4210 0381.