How To Unpack, Prep & Keep Your Flower Bouquet Fresh & Smiling?

How To Unpack, Prep & Keep Your Flower Bouquet Fresh & Smiling?

Got your fresh blooms from a florist shop near you? Now, it’s time to prep up the flowers for their new vase life. Everybody loves flowers & it’s just that you want them to look fresh and beautiful for long. And, we’ve got some pretty cool ideas on how to do it.  So, if you’re buying flowers at a nearby florist shop, the florist will make sure that your flower bouquet lasts longer. However, if you have ordered flowers online and got the flowers on same-day flower delivery, our guide to unpacking & prepping up the flowers will help you enjoy your favourite flowers for a long time. Let’s get started. 

Prep up Your Place

Yahoo! You’ve got your flower bouquet & let’s get into action. Whether you need to prepare dinner or have a coffee to sip, do it and get the place ready. You can use your kitchen countertop or any plain surface to place the flowers on. You can find a pair of scissors or pruning shears and a clean glass vase filled with normal water. You can also add some flower food to the water like onion juice or coffee extracts to keep them 

Unpack Your Lovelies

Once you prepped up the station, unpack the flowers, if you want to keep the wrap, you can skip this step & remove any ribbon or thread from them & your flowers are set free for action. 

Preserve the Flowers

If your flowers have leaves and you want them to look fresh & sweet-smelling, remove the lower leaves from the stem and cut off the guard stems. As the leaves & guard stems are prone to bacterial infections, it can make the water messy & smelly. So it's better to remove them to keep them looking fresh for a long time. 

Cut the Stems

After you rip the lower leaves from each stem, it’s time to cut off the stems 1cm at a 45-degree angle and arrange them neatly in the freshwater vase, which you have kept aside before. Pruning them would keep them smiling & fresh for long hours. 

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