How To Ensure Your Flowers Stay Fresh In Winter?

How To Ensure Your Flowers Stay Fresh In Winter?

Winter can be a challenging season for keeping flowers fresh and vibrant. Cold temperatures and dry air can take a toll on even the hardiest blooms. The sight of wilting flowers can dampen the mood. However, even with the drop in temperature, you can enjoy fresh flowers throughout the season. At Naz Flowers And Gifts, we understand the importance of maintaining the beauty of your flowers. Whether you have bought them from our flower shop or through our online flower delivery in Melbourne, we’ll share some tips on how to keep the flowers fresh and long-lasting this winter.

Choose Hardy Winter Blooms  

When selecting flowers for winter, opt for varieties that can withstand colder temperatures. Flowers like tulips, lilies, manta rose and carnations are excellent choices for winter. Our experienced florist in Melbourne can guide you in picking the best seasonal blooms that will last longer and look stunning throughout the colder months.

Proper Hydration is Key  

Flowers need water to stay fresh, but winter’s dry air can quickly dehydrate them. Make sure to change the water in the vase every two days and trim the stems at a diagonal angle to allow better water absorption. Adding a flower preservative to the water can also help extend their freshness.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures  

Keep your flowers away from drafts, heaters, and direct sunlight. Sudden temperature changes can shock the flowers, causing them to wilt faster. Find a cool, stable spot in your home where they can stay at a consistent temperature.

Use Same-Day Flower Delivery Services  

When you need fresh flowers quickly, our same-day flower delivery service ensures that your blooms arrive in perfect condition. This service minimises the time flowers spend out of water, helping them stay fresh longer.

Regularly Mist Your Flowers  

Misting your flowers with water can help combat the dryness of indoor winter air. This simple step adds humidity and keeps petals looking fresh and vibrant.

Keeping flowers fresh in winter requires a bit of extra care, but with these tips, you can enjoy beautiful blooms all season long. At Naz Flowers And Gifts, our flower shop offers a wide selection of winter flowers, and our same day flower delivery Melbourne ensures they reach you in the best possible condition.

Trust our florists to provide you with the freshest flowers and expert advice to keep them looking their best. Order flowers online today and brighten up your home with lasting beauty. To order flowers online or customisations, call us at 03 4210 0381 today.