Etiquettes To Follow While Sending Flowers At Workplace

Etiquettes To Follow While Sending Flowers At Workplace

Most of us spend a large part of the day at work, and it is important to develop professional, personal and friendly relationships that are much needed to be appreciated. While a business can send a bouquet of fresh flowers and a box of chocolates to the employees on anniversaries, birthdays or specific achievements, special considerations must be made when it comes to sending flowers to business partners or boss. In fact, you should be extra careful and follow certain etiquettes while sending corporate flower arrangements. They are as follows:

Sending Flowers To Employees:

Many organisations send flowers to their employees on business accomplishment, birthdays and work anniversaries. To add to the grand gesture, you can team up the fresh flowers with dry fruit gift box or fresh fruit box. A personalised message from the boss or HR of the company can do wonders to the productivity of the employee.

Sending Flowers To Boss:

When it comes to sending flowers to your boss on his birthday or anniversary, don’t do it individually. Instead, you can consult with your team members or colleagues when choosing a bouquet, and present the arrangement to your boss in their presence. If you attempt to gift the flower personally, your co-workers will see it as an attempt to gain attention from your superiors.

Sending Flowers To A Client:

Whether you want to send flowers to your client for accepting your business proposal or expansion of your business, don’t choose anything that gets too personal. If you have been dealing with the client for a long a time and are aware of his/her taste, you can go with that. Otherwise, it is better to give your client a bunch of daisies coupled with fruit box as a gift.

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