Best Christmas Flowers And Gift Ideas

Best Christmas Flowers And Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is in the air. Sending flowers to your near and dear ones is the best way to spread Christmas cheer.  Whether you want to spruce up your space on this occasion or want to send Christmas flowers and gifts to your friends and family with same-day flower delivery Melbourne, consider giving our list of eye-catching Christmas flowers and plants a try. Be it a house party or planning to host a Christmas dinner or just simply thinking to transform your house into a festive oasis, there’s nothing that’s complete without flowers. So, without further ado, let’s check out the flowers.

Not only does our list of blooms make a bold statement, but they also stand as a fab décor element and fill the air with a pleasant smell.

Christmas Cactus

The first on our list is this adorable Christmas flowers Melbourne Cactus. This potted plant gives gorgeous white blooms when kept outdoors. They need low to partial sunlight to thrive well. They are easy to care for and come with abundant blooms when cared for properly.


Nothing screams Christmas more than a bunch of Poinsettia flowers. Its large red-hued flowers and green foliage make them an attractive option for the holiday season.  This is an ideal flower to send as a Christmas gift or can be kept as a display plant.


Rosemary is a beautiful herb that can be kept as a gorgeous display in short spaces. If your house is short of space, consider having this rosemary cut herb as your Christmas tree. A bunch of fresh rosemary bunch can be a perfect Christmas gift to your friends and family.


Roses are a classic option for all occasions. You can pick deep red roses adorned with green foliage or an accented rose flower bouquet would be a wonderful option.  You can choose red, white, yellow, or pink roses or ask the florist for colour recommendations.


Amaryllis are gorgeous blooms that represent the Christmas flair at their best. Some call it “cotton candy” as they have a distinctive fruity smell and character. They instantly brighten up the space and are ideal for table centrepieces and wreaths.

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